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the Renovation Photo Journal

The photo journal is sorted by phase of the project rather than chronologically. Several events overlapped and I didnít want to confuse things by jumping back and forth. The work started in 1998 and is ongoing. I am in no hurry, I usually work on the house one to two hours a day Ė but sometimes not at all as I have other interests.

The vast majority of the materials used in the project were recycled, surplus, close-outs or sale items. This diligence has paid off literally, the last time I totaled the receipts it came out to less than $19,000


In September 2010 I had a serious (almost fatal) stroke and could no longer work on the house. In summer 2016 I got a deferred loan from the city through the Home Rehabilitation Program, and had a new 30 year roof put on. The 15 year roof I put on myself lasted 17 years, so I was quite pleased. A weatherization program through the Opportunity Council got me insulation in parts of the house that didn't have any, as well as weatherstripping and a better back door. I miss working on the house, but really it's 99% of what I wanted to do and I still get many complements on it.The only obvious change is the wheelchair ramp off the side of the front porch. A necessity now, built by a brother in Christ who's an engineer.

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